What Is Laminine?

Laminine® helps regenerate aging cells and nourish
unhealthy cells, supporting restoration to their original
state. Your body has its own repair mechanism, the physical
ability to regenerate your own damaged cells. This repair
mechanism is alive and well when we were younger,
but falters as we age.
Laminine unleashes this powerful repair mechanism inside
all of us. It can bring physical, mental and emotional
health to a new level.


Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops
at a dramatic rate? How a young person can exert so much
energy and recover almost instantly? Have you ever noticed
how a child is able to pick up new languages so quickly and
how they remember the slightest things?
The answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting
embryonic development called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).
While FGF is readily available in the human placenta,
its availability diminishes over time and essentially vanishes
as we age. Our body by itself is incapable of producing its
own FGF, which it must derive from the food supply.
Until now…
All-natural Laminine is believed to be the only known source
of FGF in adults. Research credits FGF with improving
neuron functions in your brain, increasing amino acids and
peptides in your cells and assigning the proper stem cells
to restore your body’s organs back to their original state.
In laymen terms, the FGF reprograms adult stem cells and
amino acids in your body, which make up your natural repair
tools to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there,
these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves
with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes
to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location,
wherever it is in the body.
As long as the FGF is there, our body’s repair mechanisms
can be instructed to facilitate in the repair of the part of our
body that needs the most rehabilitation. This explains why
Laminine has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for
individuals in varying parts of the body.

Who do you know who wants to think, look, feel, exercise, play, work and live at a higher level in their life?

Who do you know who has:

  • High Stress
  • Lack of Energy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Pain, (Neck, Back, Headache)
  • Sickness
  • Inability to Focus

Who do you know who has:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Thyroid Condition
  • Arthritis
  • Bone Loss
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Stroke
  • Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure

Laminine is not a cure or treatment for any of
these things, but it has been shown to supply
the body with the resources to significantly
push forward the body’s ability to heal itself
in the natural and powerful way it was made
to accomplish just that.  Get your body on
track with its own regenerative power.  Get
Laminine and start on your way today!

Laminine is a form of a natural ‘adaptogen’ helping to
create a state of balance or normalization and restore
the body to its natural state of homeostasis.
Regular use of Laminine helps to:

  • Moderate the stress response
  • Maintain healthy cortisol levels
  • Regulate serotonin levels
  • Reduce physical and mental stress
  • Promote more restful sleep
  • Build collagen for healthier skin
  • Reduce signs of normal aging
  • Improve emotional balance
  • Enjoy faster post workout recovery
  • Enhance muscle tone and strength
  • Improve stamina and energy
  • Increase alertness
  • Aid in brain function and activity
  • Increase physical and mental strength
  • Improve focus
  • Increase libido/sexual desire
  • Stimulate natural DHEA production
  • Improve the overall sense of well-being


Real Life Testimonies

(Results may vary from person to person)


It literally saved my life, and is changing the lives
of so many hundreds of people in our team;
I agree with you wholly, Dave!

-Dr. F Gianmichael Salvato


Ever since my mother died about six months ago,
I couldn’t sleep as I experienced a deep sadness.
After Laminine, I slept soundly for the first time and
noticed my bouts of sadness gradually disappear.
I have a great sense of well-being.


Since giving my children Laminine, we have seen
improvements in all four of our children. They have
noticed their stamina was better, their performance
in sports improved, they have more energy and most
importantly, more focus. We’ve watched them excel not
only in their sports but also with their grades. My kids
love the product, and so do I!

Laminine is an amazing product that I have been
taking since October, 2011. I am now back to feeling
like my energetic, active and fully engaged self again.
I have not felt this good, slept this well or had this
much energy in years! Thank you Laminine.

I am a recovering addict and have struggled many
years trying to maintain sobriety. I have begun the
recovery process again, only this time I am taking
Laminine. Already, I have noticed a vast improvement
in my mood. My energy and motivation for life’s
pleasures are increasing everyday. I truly believe
Laminine is helping me progress in my endeavors to
remain drug free.

“I have been taking the Laminine® capsules since
January 18, 2009. I not only have been having great
results, but have been able to help a lot of people
already by sharing the capsules with them. I have
received some amazing stories on how the product
has benefited them. I decided to stop taking the
capsules for a while, just to see what would happen.
Believe it or not, I almost immediately started waking
up at 3:30 in the morning (I used to always have
trouble sleeping). It was then that I realized that the
capsules had been allowing me to sleep all the way
up to 6:00 a.m. (my usual time to get up and go to
work). WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, to actually
be able to get a good night’s sleep. I am back on the
capsules and loving them.”

“I have 15 issued patents and 12 pending patent
applications, all in the field of chemistry and catalysis.
I am 50 and I have been very frustrated with my
need to wear reading glasses for the last 4 years.
I have taken the recommended dosage for just 4
days and I am shocked to find out I DO NOT NEED
my reading glasses anymore!! There is something
in the Laminine® which goes straight to the health
of your eyes. I don’t know what it is, but as scientific
and data oriented as I am, I don’t care! I am just
enjoying my ability to read without the stupid glasses!!!
— J.J.

“My doctor recommended that I try these Laminine®
capsules, so I started taking 2 in the am and 2 in the
early evening. I just went about my day as normal and
a noticed that when it was time to eat, I wasn’t hungry.
The second weekend, I visited my cousin and forgot to
bring them and I noticed that I wanted to eat the whole
day. On Monday, I started taking them again and the
cravings went away almost instantly. I also noticed
that I wanted to go to bed early and woke up refreshed
in the morning.”

“I own 2 Snap Fitness facilities with one on its way
and I have been training myself for 15 years and have
been using vitamin sprays for at least 3 years. I have
definitely seen a difference in the quality of the
vitamins and most importantly the benefits gained
since I switched over from the other stuff I was
taking. Most recently the addition of Lamimine®
has been an amazing product for me it has helped
me in my workouts with increased stamina increased
muscle growth and I have also noticed some
significant fat loss. Also, not something I was
looking for but very noticeable was the increase
in sex drive. I am a 29 year old with absolutely no
worries about sex drive and these Laminine®
capsules increased even MY sex drive which was
amazing! All in all I give this new product an A+ !”

“Well, frankly I still cannot believe my experience
since I began taking Laminine® just a few short
weeks ago. The first night I actually slept a solid
hour without waking up. Although promising, I
thought it was just my night to get a little sleep.
Well after 3 weeks I am already averaging between
3-5 hours of wonderful, restful sleep every night
and it is continuing to get better. What a difference
this has made not only in helping my sleep disorder…
but in my quality of life!”

“For the last couple of weeks, I started to change my
whole health routine with diet and exercise and to
include the Laminine® on a regular basis. I am now
going off of the anti-depressants and am happy to
be using a product that is organic and could produce
such great results in the way I feel. My whole well
being is balanced. I feel contentment and my
emotional levels are all in sync. I wish I had started
on the Laminine® six months ago as I believe that
if I had … I would never have needed the anti-
depressant medication at all.”

“I am suffering from a upper back injury due to stress
and overlifting. My injury has put my day to day
routine into a standstill. When you gave me the
Laminine® capsules on the first day you treated me,
I was in extreme pain and was agitated, distracted,
frustrated and fidgety due to that pain. I noticed
within 30-45 minutes after taking the capsules that
even though I was still in pain, I could sit still, watch
a movie, move around the house, stay focused on
what I wanted to accomplish and did not have the
feeling of aggravation and depression. It is likened
to a state of “euphoria” without the feeling of being
under the influence of a drug. I ran out of the
Laminine® before my third visit with you and the
agitation returned. I am very thankful that you
suggested these capsules, as I do not take any
muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories. The
Laminine® capsules have made it easier to have
the patience to let my body heal naturally. I am
extremely thankful.”

“I started taking Laminine® and within four weeks
I was a whole different person. My energy has
blossomed, my motivation to work out has improved,
and my blood pressure has dropped from 155 to 130.
Most importantly, however, is the fact that I am
getting to fully enjoy the days I’m spending with my
loved ones.”

“I have only been taking LAMININE® for about a
week. I’ve had this ARTHRITIS on my fingers for
sometime now. I could not bend my fingers in the
mornings without any pain. I can’t take any
conventional medicine because of the side effects.
I have been taking natural herbs, which has been
helping me some. But the morning after I took first
two capsules of LAMININE®, I could get out of bed
more pleasantly and I could use all my fingers
without any pain. I thought it was nice but I did not
realize what helped me. I didn’t sleep well on the
3rd night so I had to get up in the middle of the night
to take LAMININE® capsules. I don’t want to forget
to take capsules before I go bed again! I am giving
LAMININE® to my daughters and my sisters and I
can wait to share with many other people. I give
thanks to our God all mighty and all the people who
are working toward to help people like me.”

“I am compelled to tell you how wonderful I feel
after just 3 days on the Laminine®. I honestly took
this believing it would do nothing for me. I literally
expected to feel nothing from this. However, to my
complete surprise, I feel almost euphoric. I have
been suffering with neck pain from 2 bulging discs
for over one year now. In fact just this past week I
was up in the middle of the night in tears from pain
in my neck. My pain now while it is not completely
gone is so much better that I have not thought
about it all day like I usually do. I have worked out
for over 1 hour yesterday and today with very little
pain in my neck. This is amazing considering I have
only been able to work out once a week for the past
year due to pain. I have awakened these past few
days feeling great with energy I have not felt for a
very long time. This is really a miracle. Thank you
for sharing this with me. I believe God has used you
to give people such as myself a new lease on life.
God bless you and your work.”

“Thanks so much for treating me to the amazing
gift of Laminine®. I have been using it now for
about 6 weeks and I have never felt better.
Although I am on high blood pressure medicine,
I have seen a consistent drop in my readings. I
have also noticed a tremendous boost to my
energy level. Is there anyway to set up an
automatic monthly shipment directly to me?
I’m spreading the word here in Texas and my
supply is going like wildfire.”

“I went to the gym today for the first time since
I have been feeling better. I didn’t feel well enough
to exercise because I was short of breath. Today
was an AMAZING workout! I had “stamina” the
word I didn’t like at first). I pushed myself hard
and didn’t really exhaust myself. I WANT to
exercise. I WANT to get out and move. On the
food front…foods taste different. Sugars have
become too sweet and not satisfying. I crave
fruits instead because the flavor of the fruit is
so much more rich. All flavors are stronger.
You can taste I eat smaller portions and get
full faster. I haven’t lost weight as of today. I
finally feel better and am excited about getting
back to the gym. I have truly been sad that I
haven’t been able to workout. Yeah for feeling
better and for Laminine®!”

“I initially decided to try it to see if it would have
any effect on my ADD. I had tried prescription
medications for it in the past and wanted to try
something new in an effort to get away from the
side effects I had previously experienced. Boy,
was I in for a surprise. Although I did see some
increase in my attention span, where I really
saw the most difference was in dealing with my
insomnia. Due to a recent family tragedy, I had
been experiencing persistant moderate to severe
insomnia. I had tried over the counter and
prescription medications. Neither provided more
than a few days of relief from my sleeplessness
and often had side effects that were worse than
being tired. I would often survive on 2-3 hours
of sleep per night for many nights in a row. At
times I was often cranky, short tempered, unable
to concentrate and more than once became
This all changed on the evening I began taking
Laminine®. I immediately became able to “turn
my brain off“ – something I hadn’t been able to
do before no matter how hard I tried. I can’t
describe the relief in being able to lay down and
know that you will actually be able to sleep instead
of laying in bed tossing and turning, eventually
getting up exhausted and emotionally unfit to
handle my day. As an added bonus I also saw a
reduced intensity in food cravings and a greater
ability to make proper food choices despite the
fact that it was the week before I was due to start
my period. Overall, I would say I had an extremely
positive experience and will continue to use your
product to combat my insomnia. I know this works
as 3 days after I ran out of my first order of product,
my insomnia started coming back. I am now, as of
tonight, back on the product with my new supply.”

“I did notice a burst of energy after taking Laminine®
for 3 weeks. I was extremely tired during a conference
and noticed a difference when I added Laminine® to
my Juice Plus system. I am a pretty high energy person
anyway and have been on Juice Plus for 8 years, but
adding Laminine® gave me more energy. Just the
other day, I did 3 workouts in one day. So, taking
Laminine® with my already existing nutrition
program added more energy, more focus, and an
over all good feeling of well being, which we all
need during stressful times. The longer I take it the
better I feel.”

“Seven years ago my knees were very hurt. I
thought I would never be able to walk comfortably
again. When I started taking Laminine®, I felt
full of energy and enthusiasm, and the severe
discomfort in my knees even went away! This is
an incredible miracle.”

“In 2008, my dad was diagnosed as having
Alzheimer’s. Since he started taking Laminine® one
year ago, we feel we have our father back. Thank you
— LES H.

“I am a type ll insulin dependent diabetic. Within
3 days of Laminine® my blood sugar appears to be
normalized. I also suffer from low grade depression.
After 3 months, sugar and sadness are no longer issues.
I feel that Laminine® may have saved my life and I
can’t live without it.”